Over the last two decades New Zealand building laws had permitted the use of some seriously flawed building and cladding systems.

The consequences of which are only now becoming fully apparent. Both the government, the architectural and building industry, and unfortunate home owners, have been caught in the midst of what has been a massive failure at all levels to achieve one of the most basic and important attributes of a home, weather tightness.

Total house re-clads are fast becoming the norm. It is proving to be one of the simplest and most cost effective methods of addressing the weather tightness problem. Along with the associated remedial repair works to water damaged framing, it also adds real monetary value to an otherwise unsalable property. It is now possible to completely wrap a house within a fully weatherproof environment and completely strip and carry out all of the necessary re-cladding and refurbishment work required quickly.

Here at Coastal Builders we have the experience and the know how to deliver the goods and give you a warm, dry weather tight home you can be proud of.

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